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A magic circle of mushrooms

Spotted in the Rec recently – this magic circle of horse mushrooms. They’re apparently edible (don’t quote us on this though), but best not to try as dogs in that part of the park will have have contributed to their nurture. Still, a very pretty, fleeting August sight…

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Shear bliss!

Some good news on the funding front – we’ve just received word that the Friends of Conway Rec have been awarded a grant of £550 from the Enfield Parks Department’s Friends’ Fund. We hear too that the number of applications received from Friends’ groups was larger than previously and the quality of submissions was higher.…

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Work Day report: July 16, 2017

Thanks to all who pitched in for another successful Work Day. We had 5 Enfield Conservation Volunteers, and at least a dozen others! Here are some of the things we got done… • It took 7 workers to re-weed the new hedge that had not had the weed control fabric put down a month ago…

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