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Work Day update: October 23

Thanks very much to all who made it to the Work Day on Sunday October 23. We had a stellar turnout of around 20 people of all ages who came to help with the ongoing work of keeping our local park clean, safe and attractive. So what did we get done this Sunday? Well, lots…

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Diary dates from Friends of Broomfield Park

We have close and cordial connections with the Friends of Broomfield Park, and have learned much from this group over the years that we can apply to our own efforts in Conway Rec. Many Broomfield volunteers are Conway Friends too. Here are a few dates from the Friends of Broomfield Park calendar of events: Sunday…

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Grant applications: update

As you’ll see from our Grants and awards section, we are always looking for opportunities to apply for additional funding to help us to maintain and upgrade the Rec for all to enjoy. Over the years, we’ve been quite successful in this, with very valuable contributions from Briffa, the Postcode Trust, the Friends’ Fund and…

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Check out the new website

The Friends of Conway Rec website has recently been filled with lots more new content and updated with a swanky new design. Our crack team of writers have added more detail on everything from the Rec’s flora and fauna, to the history of the area, to the projects and grants that have got us where…

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Next Work Day: Sunday, 23 October, 2016

Thanks to all who made it to the last Work Day to work in and on the Rec. We had an especially strong team of younger members, each of whom made a notable contribution. Two bags of litter and a massive pile of compost bear testament to their efforts. Otherwise, wild flowers were (very largely)…

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Have you read our information panels yet?

Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly

We’ve been delighted to be still receiving so much positive feedback for the four information panels that we installed in the Rec last year. Even now, months on from their launch, we often see people stopping to study the panels for the first time, and the kind comments keep on coming. The panels are actually…

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