Paying our way

We were fortunate to receive a grant from Biffa last year. The money helped us renew and secure the pond-edge, and buy native flowers, shrubs and trees. We’ll apply for a further grant to build on what’s been achieved. Fingers crossed! In the meantime, the Friends can offer planning, motivation and muscle power, but some…

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Islands in the sun

Egyptian Goose

Egyptian Geese continue to grace us with an occasional visit to the Rec. They (a kind of duck, really) also visit Broomfield and Grovelands – and may just come from a central London park rather than Egypt direct! Mallards nested and are now busy showing their large family of ducklings around the Rec – sometimes…

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Activity Report May 2014

In the Autumn, box hedging was planted behind the railing along Conway Road to soften a rather harsh area. On our March Activity Day, Enfield’s Conservation Volunteers joined us. These hard workers helped us remove some leylandii hedge around the tennis courts: we’ll replace it in steps with native shrubs. The Volunteers also planted a…

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Some planting stories

A bumble bee enjoying the crocus pollen in Conway rec, North London

We added 160 more daffs and 500 crocuses in October 2012 This year, we bought and planted a range of large trees – including hawthorn, wild cherry, mountain ash and spindle tree – all of which provide blossom, autumn leaf colour and berries – plus several shrubs for winter bark colour. To the 500 daffodils…

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A request to dog walkers

Lots of children and families enjoy the Rec. It’s great, too, for dog-owners to have a small park to enjoy. Many take great care to clean up after their pets and ensure they don’t disturb the water birds. It’s important that the pond and its immediate surroundings remain free from dog mess and urine, so…

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