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Can you spare something for Conway Rec this Xmas?

Please make a donation to the Conway Rec Christmas Fund.

The work of maintaining and improving Conway Rec is gladly taken on by a growing band of willing volunteers. We apply for grants, and sometimes succeed, and the Council helps as much as it can in these austere times. But the fact remains that the continuing work does need financial support. People regularly give their…

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Barley booms – the what and the why

Barley Boom making at Conway Rec

You may have noticed the floating bags of straw at one end of the pond. These barley booms play an important role in maintaining the Rec’s natural balance. Here’s why… Lakes and ponds can suffer during the summer months from the growth of algae. This is encouraged by sunshine and excessive nutrients in the water,…

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Diary date; Next Work Day is December 4!

We now have a date for the final Work Day of 2016 – Sunday, 4 December, with the start time of 10am. And though this is a horticulturally challenging time of year, there’s still plenty of work to be done… We’ll be looking at improving the bomb craters on the Leylandii-Dixon line, which may mean…

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White Dead Nettle

While working in Conway Rec I have become more and more aware of the plants that we call ‘weeds’. We are trying to diversify the species in the park by reintroducing many varieties of wild flowers and will be trying to create some meadows again. For many volunteers and Council workers it takes time to…

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Vote Broomfield! Vote Broomfield!

Summer evening in Broomfield Park

Our neighbouring green space, Broomfield Park, has made the longlist of the 2016 Fields in Trust award for the UK’s Best Park. And – as with events stateside – there’s still time for you to cast your vote and make a difference! Broomfield is among 30 London parks that have been nominated this year. The…

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