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Work Day report: September 30, 2018

Thanks to all who turned out for another very productive session! Martin’s updated no-rain dance once again worked its wonders, and we enjoyed a gently warming sun. Graham and Tony, with the help of our ECV comrades, made further progress in the Dell. We’re getting to the point where more trees can be planted to…

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Work Day report: July 16, 2017

Thanks to all who pitched in for another successful Work Day. We had 5 Enfield Conservation Volunteers, and at least a dozen others! Here are some of the things we got done… • It took 7 workers to re-weed the new hedge that had not had the weed control fabric put down a month ago…

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So what plants are in the new hedge?

Our new evergreen hedge is taking shape nicely. Here’s a rundown of the key shrubs that we’ve planted… Griselinia littoralis (Family: Griseliniaceae) ·        G. littoralis is a fast-growing, large, upright evergreen shrub with light green, broadly oval leaves. Flowers are yellow-green, very small, followed by purple fruits on female plants, where both sexes are grown…

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Planting in the Rec: future plans

From the green telephone box on the paved path to the metal railings at the other end of the tennis courts, we’re working on an informal hedge including flowering shrubs, such as escallonia, myrtle (above) and viburnum tinus. Much of the preparation and planting has now been done, and a weed-retardant strip with mulch is…

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White Dead Nettle

While working in Conway Rec I have become more and more aware of the plants that we call ‘weeds’. We are trying to diversify the species in the park by reintroducing many varieties of wild flowers and will be trying to create some meadows again. For many volunteers and Council workers it takes time to…

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