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Work Day report, June 5, 2017

Once again the sun smiled on our forks, spades, knee-pads and bald spots. We were a select bunch this morning, with several of our workers having a range of other half-term commitments, but we still managed to get lots done. Massive thanks, as always to the sterling efforts of John and five Enfield Conservation Volunteers,…

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So what plants are in the new hedge?

Our new evergreen hedge is taking shape nicely. Here’s a rundown of the key shrubs that we’ve planted… Griselinia littoralis (Family: Griseliniaceae) ·        G. littoralis is a fast-growing, large, upright evergreen shrub with light green, broadly oval leaves. Flowers are yellow-green, very small, followed by purple fruits on female plants, where both sexes are grown…

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Planting in the Rec: future plans

From the green telephone box on the paved path to the metal railings at the other end of the tennis courts, we’re working on an informal hedge including flowering shrubs, such as escallonia, myrtle (above) and viburnum tinus. Much of the preparation and planting has now been done, and a weed-retardant strip with mulch is…

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