Some planting stories

A bumble bee enjoying the crocus pollen in Conway rec, North London

We added 160 more daffs and 500 crocuses in October 2012

This year, we bought and planted a range of large trees – including hawthorn, wild cherry, mountain ash and spindle tree – all of which provide blossom, autumn leaf colour and berries – plus several shrubs for winter bark colour. To the 500 daffodils of autumn 2011 we added 160 more daffs and 500 crocuses in October 2012. Unfortunately, we also had the wettest year in recent records, so the ground became completely waterlogged. At least we discovered the ancient springs – where so many daffodils rotted away! Trees and shrubs tolerant of damp were planted in their place. The holes dug had free water at the base, so we hope these plants will thrive now the spring weather has finally arrived. Climate change strikes close to home but… we will survive!