Work Day report: March 8, 2019

Thanks so much to everyone for pitching in on what was meant to be a miserable day. Your presence and enthusiasm turned that around completely!

We did a huge amount – planting, staking and guarding some impressive new trees, pruning dead bulrush, removing surface clutter from the pond, clearing brambles from the Dell, launching a new boom, floating new log perches for our water birds, litter picking (well done, Evan), tidying our garden patches …. and squeezing in a hot drink and a biscuit.

And David made the day unforgettable by falling into the pond – not once but twice. Hope you’ve dried out and warmed up, David – and thank you for the memory.

Great turnout – 16 Conway Friends, five wonderful ECV helpers and the supportive presence of our old pal John with Jean and Ian. Fabulous stuff. See you on Sunday 28 April, by when Martin promises he will have perfected his no-rain dance.