Committee and Constitution

A look at some of the legal and administrative aspects of running the Friends of Conway Rec, including formal recognition, our constitution, and contacts with Enfield Council and local police.

In 2010, Enfield Council formally recognised the Friends of Conway Recreation Ground. As a result, the Friends became eligible for various small grants and for support and advice from the Council’s Parks Department.

A named Council officer became our regular link and the group was encouraged to create an action plan and cooperate with Council staff and Community Police Officers to tackle the needs of the Rec. A strong relationship was formed, with volunteers and paid staff working in close partnership over the years that followed.

The Friends Committee

From the outset, the Friends set up a Committee to guide regular work in the Rec and the planning, financing and implementation of particular projects. The Committee is elected each year at our Annual General Meeting, when the honorary posts of Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and independent auditor are also filled. Meet the Friends Committee

The Committee meets every three months or so and regular Open Meetings also take place in the Tennis Clubhouse. Dates are announced in advance by email to all contacts and all local residents are welcome to attend. New supporters are always welcome: to stay updated, just send a short note with your contact details to us at

Our Constitution and Record-keeping

The Friends have a Constitution setting out how we operate. You can read it here. All meetings have an agenda to help us focus and we keep records of discussions, decisions and action points in the form of minutes. Agendas and minutes for Open Meetings are sent to all on our contact list for information and comment and posted on this website.

Read full Constitution (download pdf)

Contacts with the Council and local Police

Until very recently, all Friends’ groups in Enfield had a named contact (a ‘Public Realm Improvement Officer’!) who could offer support and advice.

Alas, financial cuts have meant that all but one of these posts have now disappeared, and three Councillors have each taken on the contact role for a large number of Enfield parks. There will be occasional discussion meetings, but the productive partnerships with knowledgeable and experienced Parks Department staff have now gone.

Similarly, Community Police Officers have now been reassigned, so Parks are now required to contact the Metropolitan Police if necessary through by dialling 101 or, in the case of emergencies or criminal acts, 999 (link).

We will miss these contacts – Police and Parks Department representatives regularly attended and contributed to our Open Meetings.