Work day reports November – December 2018

Thanks to the sturdy crew who made it to the Rec on Sunday, November 11: an exclusive group showing all the talents that have given the Rec its international reputation.

We cleared the pond of surface debris, mowed the overgrown edges, barrowed the compost and green waste to their respective piles, clipped and cleared some untidy patches – including the track to shed corner. We also planted a tree, spread seeds, swept the paths and still managed a hot drink and a biscuit!

[NB Special thanks to Daniel for pitching in and helping us out, Katy!]

Then, on Thursday December 6, a very select crew convened to tuck the Rec in for its winter rest. Around 30 trees (bird cherry, mountain ash, crab apple and hazel) were planted which were given to the Rec by the Mayor of London. They are in the ‘Dell’ behind court 5 where a good deal of clearing and planting has taken place recently.

Next workday is likely to be a spring-welcoming Sunday March 3rd