About the Friends of Conway Rec

Conway Rec is a special place. The Friends are proud to support it – and always welcome new recruits…

First-time visitors often say they’ve lived in the area for years but had no idea Conway Rec existed! The Rec is a small but special green space tucked away amongst the roads of the Lakes Estate. Unless you live really close – or love exploring locally – you could easily miss this treat.

Conway Rec encourages a feeling of community. It binds Conway and Cannon Roads and provides a welcome relief from our many streets and pavements. It shelters a wealth of plants and small animals and offers gentle grassy areas and a pretty pond to enjoy at leisure.

The work of the Friends

The Friends of Conway Rec group, since its beginnings in 2010, provides a direct way for local people to get together and improve their surroundings. The Friends meet regularly to work in the Rec, aiming to make the environment richer, safer and more attractive for all.

There is a great sense of teamwork and volunteers see the fruits of their efforts as trees grow, flowers bloom, birds nest and visitors enjoy the park. Find out more about How we work and Current and future projects.

Tennis, schools, scouts and guides…

Other groups contribute to the wellbeing of the Rec too. Conway Tennis Club has been a social hub for almost a century. Art classes are held in the tennis clubhouse, and tennis holiday camps give youngsters a healthy interest and skills. Scouts and guides turn out to help keep the Rec, and close-by St Monica’s School supports the Friends’ efforts to make the Rec a good place to relax and learn about nature.

Get involved!