How to find us

We’re an easy bus ride from Southgate or Palmers Green station…

Conway Road Recreation Ground (Conway Rec) lies between Conway Road, Southgate and Cannon Road, Southgate N14. Two entrances are in Conway Road and one is at the end of Cannon Road.

The Rec is ALWAYS open as there is a public right of way down one side, which is illuminated at night. If driving, please note  that Cannon Road has a primary school (St Monica's) and is a school street. Consequently, during the hours of 8:15 - 9:15 and 2:45 - 4:00 on Monday - Friday during term time, only vehicles with a permit (primarily residents and school workers) can enter or leave the road. There are no restrictions at weekends or school holidays.

By rail or tube

The nearest tube station is Southgate, and the nearest suburban rail station is Palmers Green. Buses run frequently from both stations.

Buses from Southgate tube

Take a 121 (to Turnpike Lane), a W6 (to Edmonton Green) or a 299 (to Muswell Hill). Get off at Forestdale, turn left, walk up the hill to Cannon Road (first right), and the entrance is at the end of the cul de sac.

Or for a slightly longer but easier walk downhill, get off a stop earlier at The Cherry Tree pub. Cannon Road is second on the left.

Buses from Palmers Green station

The bus stop is across the road from the station and to the left (just beyond Morrisons). Take a 121 (to Enfield Island Village) or a W6 (to Southgate). Get off at Selborne Rd stop, cross Cannon Hill on the zebra crossing and walk down Cannon Rd.