Work day: February 26th 2023

A good day’s work yesterday in dry and still – if a mite cool – conditions. Jobs got done either side of a modest but comforting swig and nibble. And early Spring flowers added colour and texture.

Flower beds were nurtured, compost was organised, litter was relocated, barrows were wheeled, stones were turned and a gleaming new barley boom now graces the pond. Waders were donned by the bravest of souls, enabling the transfer of soil to islands, improving the hospitality of nesting sites and instantly inviting inspection by an array of curious water birds. 

Some serious cutting back of storm-damaged and intrusive branches has left the Dell (behind Court 5) looking gently wild but cared for. The array of flowering trees planted over recent years has enriched the environment and buds are peeping through.  The hedge along the Clubhouse patio was pruned to allow better sight of the pond and its wildlife (and a glimpse of the rare waders known locally as Martin and Mick).

Thanks all – as ever, our cheerful team did a great job. 

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