Work day April 16th 2023

Great to see you everyone yesterday in such excellent form and to welcome Tony to the gang.  If you couldn’t make this one, rest assured you were missed. 

Between us, we:

  • further pruned, tidied and improved the Dell and its sidewalks;
  • beautified Pen corner and Pen walk;
  • stick-picked and path-swept;
  • compostituated, putting products to good use;
  • strummed grassy edges in a non-intrusive way;
  • planted bulbs to enrich the grassy slopes;
  • tidied flower beds and bagged litter;
  • widened the shed access path;
  • consumed hot drinks with a biscuit or three.

With the barley boom recently renewed, we left the pond to our feathered friends this time. It would have seemed rude to disturb heron junior, Mr and Mrs Mallard, a busy flock of tufted ducks, Lord and Lady Goose-Egyptian and our iconic moorhens. (Not so sure about the extraordinarily messy Canada Faece).

Here’s Dolly Parton’s take on the action:

9 to 5

Just would seem a bit excessive

Don’t need overdrive

You’re already real impressive

So it’s 10 to 2

And the Reccers been a-rakin’

Got so much to do

Plenty givin’, litle takin’

Thanks all – here’s to the next iime ….

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