Work Day report: September 30, 2018

Thanks to all who turned out for another very productive session! Martin’s updated no-rain dance once again worked its wonders, and we enjoyed a gently warming sun.

Graham and Tony, with the help of our ECV comrades, made further progress in the Dell. We’re getting to the point where more trees can be planted to add to the green variety and, in due course, discourage bramble take-over.

STOP PRESS: To help with this, we’re grateful to have received a pack of trees as part of the Mayor of London’s tree-planting scheme. Trees to come will include mountain ash/rowan, bird cherry, common crab apple, grey willow and hazel. We believe all these efforts this will strengthen the sense that our wilder space is cared for and reduce the temptation for passers-by to see it as a rubbish tip…

Sue, Julia and helpers tidied and refreshed another section of the new path-side hedge, leaving till next time a stretch where some wild flowers still bloom. This whole evergreen stretch is growing well – we may have lost one or two small yews in the dry summer months, but the large majority of plants are looking healthy and strong.

Martin strimmed and tidied the area around the pond, taking care to protect the shrubs and trees. The Council team did its bit in the previous week by tidying the wild flower areas under the oaks and around the paths now that the flowering season is over.

Dan, Tony and Martin donned waders and managed to prune and resurrect the fallen tree on heron isle. There’s not a lot of depth for roots, so this process may well need to be repeated from time to time! With the breeding season well over, our next work day should offer the moment to cut back the ever-enthusiastic bulrush jungle a reveal a bit more pond.

Isla did a whole-Rec litter-pick – her prize finding was a pair of socks near the pond. If anyone wants to claim these, speak up quickly. Huey and Poppy were also key members of Evan’s hard-working wheelbarrow squad.


Mary provided welcome hot drinks and biscuits, supplemented by some lovely homemade cookies made by Eve.


Well done team! Thanks again to all who pitched in – if you didn’t manage it this time, rest assured that you were missed and we hope to see you next time.


Next Work Day: Sunday 28 October
See you around 10am for another action-packed day.

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