Work day report: August 30th 2020

Thanks to all for pitching in for this bank holiday weekend work day. A gently sunny morning was well-spent, with jobs completed and challenges reviewed.
Here’s what we did:
• Extended the barrow path into the Dell
• Cleared scattered branches by the oaks and on paths
• Cleared and weeded the pond edging
• Managed the compost
• Removed view-blocking bindweed from court 5 fence
• Pruned shrubs alongside paths
• Sharpened edges and tidied flower beds along Evan Row
• Completed planting and shaping at Pen corner
• Cleared and planted the eastern roadside hedge
• Litter picked.

Here’s what we thought about:
• How best to remove alder growth lifting pond edge paving
• How best to help pond water rise to normal level
• How best to ensure natural debris doesn’t clog exit drain
• How to shape our brick planters at Pen corner
• When a few mortar-mixers can meet to tackle these challenges.

Despite the obvious intensity of the work, we found time to chat on the grassy slopes with warm drinks, chocs and packed lunches.
If you couldn’t make it this time, we’ll be in touch and hope to see everyone again soon.

Keep safe and enjoy your late summer…

For details of next Work Day date, see our Facebook page:

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