Hedge-tastic! Work Day report, April 23, 2017

As you know, we’ve been prioritising the replacing of the leylandii trees around the tennis courts with more attractive native hedging plants, such as yew.

After extensive clearing, digging and grinding last times out, the ground was at last ready for planting. And now, after a momentous day’s graft, we now have the bulk of the new hedge in place!

Before and after…

Thanks to all who turned up and pitched in in their various ways. The work rate was phenomenal, and it was another great team effort.

Thanks to Sue, Ilona and Mike for the thinking, preparations and guidance. It was great, too, to have new hands on deck. Welcome to Jonathan and Katie – both of whom pitched in with energy and enthusiasm.

Thanks, too, to Conway Tennis Club captain Phil for turning out on a day when he had other commitments. It was especially nice to have a quorum of tennis players helping, since the Club will benefit from the removal of the undermining leylandii and planting of a new and more interesting evergreen hedge.

Although still very low, the hedge is already clearly thriving and has already made a welcome replacement to the deep bare trenches that went before it. A watering rota has been set up to consolidate all that hard work over the hot (and possibly dry!) summer months. So we can all look forward to the new stretch becoming properly established forthwith.

Thanks again to everyone for all your support. We’ll announce the date of the next Work Day very shortly too.

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