DIY reccing in lockdown: November 8th 2020

Well here we go again – locked down, perhaps, but not totally locked out.

Our most recent planned Work Day couldn’t go ahead as planned, as rules don’t allow. However, our Rec is always welcoming and needy, and a bit of exercise never did anyone any harm, so here’s an invitation.
Why not turn up at a time that suits you as a personal task force to do a job or two informally? The Rec door will remain open and we can keep exercising in admissible groupings so, any time you feel like a hour or two’s activity in Recland, don’t be shy. The list below offers some ideas and our gardeners, landscapers and honest labourers will see other ways of keeping things in good shape. Some jobs have been tackled but, in the nature of things, some are never-ending and a bit of TLC never goes amiss.

  • Take dropped branches and twigs from slopes and top path to green waste pile on Cannon Road corner.
  • Gently prune unruly shrubs and trees (the tree by the notice board could do with some shaping).
  • Remove brambles and intrusive growth in the Dell (behind court 5) and by the fence near the oak at the east end of the park.
  • Strim grassy areas before planted bulbs begin to emerge – especially between the oak and the fence at the east end.
  • Repair ground cover in the Dell with pegs (Sue can provide).
  • Remove weeds in beds and borders that compete with new planting around Rec fringes and court edges.
  • Complete planting in roadside ‘hedge’ (Sue still has five box replacements) and replace vandalised shrubs.
  • Dig out some of the big intruders near the pond to contain proliferation (burdock with big leaves especially)
  • Remove reachable debris from pond surface and edges.
  • Re-locate our drifted barley boom.
  • Litter pick.

    Let’s hope it won’t be too long before we can resume our fully-social gatherings but, in the meantime, stay well and keep flexing those pecs and deltoids.
    Stay safe and best to all
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