Grant applications: update

As you’ll see from our Grants and awards section, we are always looking for opportunities to apply for additional funding to help us to maintain and upgrade the Rec for all to enjoy.

Over the years, we’ve been quite successful in this, with very valuable contributions from Briffa, the Postcode Trust, the Friends’ Fund and others. But with our more recent applications, we haven’t been so fortunate thus far.

We applied to for a grant from The Postcode Trust to help us build a shed to house our equipment securely. We were not successful in this, because we didn’t meet the funding criteria, we were told, but we were also encouraged to apply again.

Another application, for a Tesco Bags of Help grant, was also unsuccessful. Tesco told us they would like to have seen more consultation with the local population. But they too were very encouraging about us applying again.

We’re also waiting to hear from another possible source, the Friends’ Fund answer, in the next few weeks.

In a time of Council cuts, these much-appreciated sources of revenue are more vital than ever. So we shall certainly apply for these grants again, possibly with slightly tweaked bids. And we shall continue to look out for other possible avenues of support too.

If you have any ideas for other possible sources of funding, do please email us

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