Workday report: July 18th, 2021

Many disparate tasks achieved including:

  • Tidying edge of pond wall
  • Building and launching new Barley Boom 
  • Clearing any debris from pond
  • Removing the now huge blackberry by the fence
  • Hedge trim 1 – clearing passage court-side
  • Hedge trim 2 – tidying fronts and tops Rec-side
  • Weeding newest shrub section behind the fence across from Pen corner
  • Weeding behind the hedge along the paved path
  • Strimming in the Dell and cutting back bramble etc around saplings
  • Cutting back foliage overhanging fruit trees in the Dell
  • Uprooting horsetail everywhere!
  • Weeding Ilona’s and Sue’s flower beds with guidance
  • Litter picking and path sweeping