Work Day update: October 23

Thanks very much to all who made it to the Work Day on Sunday October 23. We had a stellar turnout of around 20 people of all ages who came to help with the ongoing work of keeping our local park clean, safe and attractive.

So what did we get done this Sunday? Well, lots actually. We planted bulbs, pruned hedges, composted green waste, picked litter, constructed a path, and built/launched a barley boom to combat algae in the pond (and give the waterbirds a good perch).

We also continued with the work of removing the sterile leylandii hedges which threaten to undermine the tennis courts. This will make space for us to plant a hedgerow made up of less invasive and more attractive native trees such as box, dog rose, hawthorn, blackthorn, elder and yew.

Fancy lending a hand?

The Friends of the Rec organise work days every two or three months. Volunteers tackle the jobs necessary at the time, usually working on Sundays or weekday mornings from about 10am and for as long as they wish – stopping, of course, for the occasional cuppa and chat (and homemade cakes if we’re lucky).

If you’d like to help out next time, check this website for the date of the next Work Day. You can also join our email list for regular updates and upcoming dates – to do so, simply email us at

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