Work Day report, October 15, 2017


New hedge

Another excellent turnout, a cracking day for it – and so much got done: digging, planting, flowerbed-shaping, sweeping, booming, composting, pruning, weeding, strimming and tidying – not to mention hot drink and pastry consumption.


Thanks so much for everyone’s sterling efforts – we missed regular Friends with other commitments on the day, but still managed to field an imposing army of 16 Reccers.

We completed the last section of the hedge, installed a new barley boom, and got on with lots of grass-cutting, and other planting and weeding too.

Purple tansy (the spiky lilac one)

For the horticulturalists among you, the lilac flower planted next to the last stretch of hedge and beloved by the bees is called Phacelia tanacetifolia – common name purple tansy. It’s said to be one of the top 10 flowers for honey bees, and also attracts butterflies and self-seeds easily.

As one reccer commented on the pics: ‘With all those heads down anyone can see how busy, eager and dedicated all and everyone is! And what a lucky, nice day it was.’ We also had this comment from another local resident: ‘

New barley boom

I came back from my holiday last night and I walked through the Rec. How lovely it looked. Thanks for all your hard work, everyone!’

Says it all, really.

Next Work Day: November 26th!

Please put the date in your diaries and hope to see you there.