Work Day report, June 5, 2017

Once again the sun smiled on our forks, spades, knee-pads and bald spots. We were a select bunch this morning, with several of our workers having a range of other half-term commitments, but we still managed to get lots done. Massive thanks, as always to the sterling efforts of John and five Enfield Conservation Volunteers, who swelled our numbers and boosted our capabilities magnificently.

So what we did we get done? We prepared most of the ground for the rest of the new hedge, which involved some pretty serious root canal work. Sue and David did a wonderful weeding and tidying job along the new yew row. Mary did a litter pick, and I pottered around with some shears hidden behind a hedge. Altogether a sturdy effort.

There was a lot of tennis action, so for our modest refreshment breaks we commandeered the corporate box overlooking the pond. The barley booms continue to serve us well – the water looks very good (unlike a number of other local waterways), and we enjoyed the company of a second brood of moorchicks.

Next Work Day: Sunday, July 16

Our next work day is Sunday 16 July, from 10am, when the Enfield Conservation Volunteers (ECV) will again be on hand to help us. We hope to see you there – no tools or special expertise required, and even half an hour helps!

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