Work day November 26th 2023

Weather permitted and the volunteers got stuck in to some Autumnal work. The following jobs were tackled with gusto, panache and oodles of skill:

  • In the Dell (behind Court 5), intrusive branches were trimmed and removed.
  • Also in the Dell, ground cover was lifted and leaves were cleared to allow planting.
  • Under the oaks by the pond, ground was prepared and seeds were spread for a wildflower patch.
  • The mosaic was lovingly washed and refreshed.
  • A panel providing background to the mosaic was installed (formal ‘unveiling’ will be announced).
  • Compost was managed, caressed and leaves were encouraged to mulchify.
  • Flower beds were tidied, cleared and shaped.
  • Barrows were pushed and tipped.
  • A mess of pallet pieces and broken plastic dumped at the back of the pond was cleared.
  • Litter was picked and rehoused.
  • The deciduous hedge by Court 3 was pruned (well, a bit of it!)
  • Hot drinks were prepared and consumed.

Thanks for all the Reccing and, if you couldn’t make it this time, rest assured that we missed you and look forward to our next get-together.

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