Work day July 9th 2023

Despite unusually short notice, we had a good turnout on Sunday and some excellent work was done as and when the coffee break allowed.

We were delighted to welcome loyal regulars and new volunteer Shehla Ali to the team. If you couldn’t make this outing, rest assured that you were missed. 

Here are some action replays:

  • Dell boys cleared the entry path to the back of court 5 and brought brambles and nettles back under control. 
  • Green specialists planted, trimmed, weeded and applied TLC.
  • Support troops brushed, collected and removed debris for compost and recycling. 
  • Litter was gathered and relocated in waste bins where it properly belonged. 
  • Pen Corner was seriously strimmed, tidied, refreshed and renewed. 
  • Com was posted.
  • The pond was cleared and made visible from the clubhouse patio by trimming our seriously active mixed hedge.
  • Hot drinks and biccies were served for the workers.

And we were blessed again with good weather and another visit from our itinerant heron.   Thanks all – see you soon

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