Work day: 27th March 2022

With Spring in our step, we managed all this:

  • Plant daffodil bulbs left by Anna; 
  • Litter pick, including roadsides by courts 1 and 4 and stretch behind court 5 and the run behind Conway gardens;
  • Prune and tidy flowers around the Clubhouse;
  • Gather twigs left alongside court 3 after Council pruned the hedge and leave at usual collection point; 
  • Manicure the pond;
  • Weed and tidy flower beds and areas around planted shrubs.

And a few weeks before that:

If you go down to the Rec today (3rd March), you’re sure of a big surprise …..

No teddy bears, I’m afraid, but our park-side hedge has been pruned by Troy and his team following our recent request to manager Deon. They spent a good part of the day there working in the rain and did the whole job, including removing and shredding the green waste. They even asked for the tennis court code so they could pop back this morning to sweep up – not that there was much mess. I told the guys to use Clubhouse facilities if needed and enjoy coffee and cakes on us. Anna confirms that they did. Great! This small team is under constant pressure, so we’re lucky they do their best to help.

No sign of nesting in the hedge yet but, all being well, it will now grow a bit bushier and be more attractive to wildlife. On a similar note (caw), our crows were very active and noisy in the oaks today, looking for good nesting spots with a twig or two in their beaks. Hooray – they must have read that meteorological spring is with us! Our resurrected islands appear to be intact, so a bit of planting may work.