Work day 17th March 2024

We made it! The rain fell in a refreshing sort of way for a short while, then cleared and left us time to do some useful work and eat cake (thanks, Chris!).

An important start was made on a real challenge. Recent professional checks on our pond water quality have been very positive, but we’re still concerned that some lily species are a little too rampant for such a small space. Accordingly, a thinning process has begun, with brave souls who will not be nameless (Philip, Barry and Mick) exploring the depths and getting to the root of the problem. There’s a long way to go, but we now understand the task better and Barry’s clothes will have dried out after his unsynchronized swim: 

Team members also helped with:

  • Selective pruning
  • TLC for flower beds, prospective new wildflower areas, young trees and shrubs.
  • Barrowing of green waste
  • Sweeping, tidying, litter-picking and path-laying

It all adds up to a highly worthwhile morning’s work. Good to see everyone. We can look forward to more Spring and Summer Reccing and, meantime, keep a discreet eye on the Egyptian Goose nesting in the pond-side oak and note how lonely Daddy Goose is looking.

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