A brace of workdays – 4th and 18th February

There was a fantastic turnout on both days for clearing, digging and planting in the dell (behind and around court no.5). The aim is to end up with something like a “managed wilderness”. The Enfield Conservation Volunteers were present and were invaluable, selfless and relentlessly hard-working, as always.

The first day was mainly concerned with clearing the ground, both at the far limit of the dell and nearer the road, where some progress was made against the brambles and much litter was retrieved. It is hope that the more “managed” aspect will discourage litter being thrown over the fence from the road.

The second day (18th February) saw a huge turnout of Friends and they and the ECV dug many holes and filled them with trees – cherries, crab apples and damsons. The local wildlife will benefit most from these in the autumn though the blossom should look lovely in the Spring. The trees will be protected from nettles and brambles in the short to medium term by groundsheets.


Thanks to all who turned up and we look forward to seeing you on the next workday for more (Conway) Recreation.