Action in the Rec: Next Work Days and Big Lunch

Some dates for your diaries…

Our next Work Days will be 8th and 15th April, so if you have a bit of time to spare either Sunday we’d love to see you! We start from 10am.

There’s lots to do! We’ll be constructing and launching a new barley boom, and possibly even replacing the rotting tree branch that is resting on an island in the pond. We also need to thin out the bulrushes in the pond, help the dedicated trees flourish by clearing the area around their base and adding compost, and clear away dead leaves from around the Rec.

If you’ve got even half an hour to spare, we’d love to see you! No expertise needed – just a willingness to lend a hand and a love of tea and cake…

Big Lunch: June 3, 2018
Another heads-up: We’ll be holding our Big Lunch this year on Sunday 3rd June to tie in with a Tennis Club event and avoid Fathers’ Day.

Watch this space!