Kids' Corner

Meet your Kids’ Corner editors – Evan and Isla, both 10, and both already long-standing Friends of the Rec…


Hi, my name is Evan and I help out at Conway Recreation Ground.

I live just next door to the park on Cannon Road. I have been helping out at the park since I was around five and now I’m ten. The park is nice and quiet and it’s got five tennis courts and a club house for the tennis courts. The park has a pond with ducks, moorhens, goldfish and a heron (who comes to eat the goldfish) and sometimes we get Egyptian geese.

The park has a little lowered section next to the road which we have started working on. The best time to see the park is in the spring for the reason that the display of daffodils is amazing. We have native plants scattered around the park. We sometimes get the Enfield volunteers helping out and when that happens we get a lot of work done!


IslaHello my name is Isla and I like nature. In the park there are lots of things you should look out for like the ducklings. I’m ten like Evan and when I was little I loved ducks especially and animals (I still do). Furthermore you could have a go at tennis and get some lessons, its great fun.

We hope you enjoy our page – look out for some more fun and games soon…